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* The WIPO Award for the Best Inventor (2007) - Drugs of Abuse Mobile Laboratory

* Gold Medal of National Exhibition of Inventions (2007, China) - Drugs of Abuse Mobile Laboratory

* The 13th (2006) Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award - A practical platform commomly used in immunoassay quantitation

* Certificate of EMC Compliance (Certificate No.: EM/2006/50052)

* Innovative Product Awards 2005, Hsinchu Science Park. "A Reliable Handheld Quantitative Point-of Care Testing, POCT, Immunoanalyzer"

In Vitro Diagnostics
Unison Biotech has 15+ years of experience as a developer of biochemistry reagents, reseller of IVD equipment, and provider of IVD services in Greater China.  We are using this expertise to dedicate our efforts to digital read-out solutions and IVD services. Manufacture immunoassay rapid test strip and rapid test reader.

UNISCAN™- Rapid Test Reader
- Light-weighted handheld device
- High throughput digital read-out

- High resolution and high accuracy

- Drugs of Abuse
- Prostate Cancer [in clinical evaluation]
- Kawasaki Disease [in development]

- Animal Reproduction - ovulation, fertilization
- Animal Health Maintenance [Foot-and-Mouth disease]
- Antibiotic Residue Testing [in development]

  • Partnerships enable us to bring new ideas and a greater breadth of products to market.
  • Research gives us the vision to develop new technologies and offer innovative IVD products.



Unison Biotech offers Lyophilized and Liquid Biochemistry Reagents

UNISCAN - Rapid Test Reader


UNISCAN - Digital Read-out Platform Technology

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